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For hospitality employers, EightSix Network is an innovative job site and recruitment platform that enables businesses to efficiently manage online applications, broaden the reach of recruitment campaigns, and identify the best candidates faster. By using to recruit, businesses minimize the time they spend interviewing, lower their cost-per-hire and increase their chances of finding great employees. This is accomplished through the use of the EightSix employment profile and custom-built application management system.

For hospitality job seekers, EightSix Network is the source for the top hospitality jobs from the most sought-after employers. Upon signing up for a free EightSix account, job seekers create an application profile that truly represents them in just a few minutes, allowing them to quickly and securely apply to many jobs online with an application that will actually get looked at by hiring managers. What's more, EightSix job seekers can be recruited by top employers without ever having to apply. Simply put, there is no better way to apply to jobs online than with EightSix.

EightSix Network has tens of thousands of active users, with thousands being added at an ever-increasing rate month after month. Our goal is to work closely with the top hospitality brands that are committed to hiring only the best people for their businesses, and we are committed to constantly improving ways for our job seekers and employers to find each other and develop great relationships.

Why “EightSix?”

Our name is in reference to the hospitality-specific term “Eighty-Six,” which is typically used by staff when an establishment runs out of a menu item (eg: “86 mashed potatoes!”). Eventually, it evolved into EightSix Network, which just felt right.

The Founders

EightSix Network was created by two Vancouver brothers who enjoyed working in the hospitality industry while attending school. Recognizing first-hand the needs of the industry, the two set out to create a simple solution that would make everyone happy. The result? A cutting-edge recruitment tool built specifically for hospitality. Oh, and two very happy brothers. Read Andrew and Justin's Industry's Finest profile. 

We can't take all the credit...

Since our launch in Summer 2010, our clients have played a major role in helping us build into what it is today. We would like to thank all of you who provided - and continue to provide - us with your generous feedback.

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