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  Get more out of your recruiting dollar The challenges facing many businesses today are skyrocketing recruiting costs and a difficulty finding qualified staff. What was once free now costs significantly per click, which can add up surprisingly quickly and negatively impact the health of your business. At EightSix, our focus has always been on building… Read more »

Restaurant Jobs Canada

  After an incredible year of growth, our team is kicking back for the holiday season, stuffing our faces with delicious food and filling our cups full of holiday “cheer” with family and friends. And, we would like to wish you all the same! As we approach the new year, we’re excited to share with… Read more »

  Join our Small Team in a Big Role Based in Vancouver, BC, EightSix Network is a job marketplace that connects leading employers with talented job seekers in the hospitality industry. We’re focused on creating innovative and intuitive tools to make the hiring and job seeking process effortless. Why work with us? WE OFFER: A… Read more »


A well-planned strategy is key to successful recruiting New Westminster, BC, restaurant Piva Modern Italian’s 360 degree approach to recruiting resulted in hiring a talented opening team on time and on budget. It is well-documented in the media and throughout Canadian hospitality and tourism that many in the restaurant industry face an uphill climb when… Read more »

Piva Modern Italian Logo

GM Justin Syens discusses the “genuine and honest” new modern Italian restaurant concept, Piva Opening in November 2017 Downtown New Westminster, the highly-anticipated Piva Modern Italian promises a refined, Italian-focussed dining experience. In our latest Industry’s Finest feature, we sit down with General Manager Justin Syens to talk about the project and what guests – and potential employees – can… Read more »

To You: The Cook, The Chef, The Dishwasher

You work HARD. You start before the rest of the staff – and you stay later than everyone. Heat, sweat, sharp knives, hot plates, and the fervent pitch of action behind the line doesn’t faze you. In fact, that’s where you are at your best. As the dining room fills up and the chits start… Read more »

What is Candidate Sourcing for restaurants? Our Candidate Sourcing for restaurants service includes a digital advertising campaign launched for your jobs that results in a curated pool of pre-screened candidates provided to your hiring team, allowing you to focus solely on interviewing the best. Our process is simple and looks like this: Needs Assessment – We discuss… Read more »

  We’ve made some wonderful “friends with benefits” and industry associations since we launched back in 2010 and our friends at Tangoo rank with the best of them. Here’s what they are all about: Tangoo is a community-driven marketing company that empowers hospitality businesses to grow their online brands and customer relationships through locally relevant social media… Read more »

How employers can reduce interview no-shows at their business

  Reduce interview no-shows and spend more time improving your business You know what sucks? Interview no-shows. Not only do no-shows waste precious time for busy hiring managers but they also reflect very poorly on the job applicant who decided to skip the interview without letting the employer know. All in all, interview no-shows just… Read more »

EightSix Network launches Customer Service Industry Community Forum

Network gets new meaning with the launch of EightSix Network’s Community forum The service industry is unique – and so are the people who call it home. That’s why we are very excited to introduce to you EightSix Community, the place for Canada’s service industry to connect and network online. EightSix Community is a community forum… Read more »