Impress your friends this summer with camping gear that will turn any ordinary trip into the ultimate outdoor adventure – check out our must-haves list.
Camping Harrison Hot Springs

Camping season is finally here and, while you can certainly go the “minimalist” route and do it with a sleeping bag, a case of beer, and a few hotdogs, there are a few camping gear “must-haves” to ensure that you have no ordinary outdoor experience. So, aside from the basics (tent, sleeping bag, chair, cooler, basic food, water, ice, fire-starting tools), here’s what you need to go camping like a boss:


Burn yourself badly the first day and you’re tent-bound for the rest of the trip. Slather it on!


It’s used for everything: tying up tarps, clotheslines, keeping your food away from bears, building hammocks, lassoing friends, etcetera. Don’t forget it.

Beef Jerky

Picture this: the sun’s down, the fire’s blazing, and you’re reclining in your camping chair with your feet up on a log and your hand on a cold beer. Smore? S’no way. Instead, you reach into a greasy plastic bag and pull out piece of sweet and salty beef to gnosh on. Perfect. Just don’t share, cause that little bag never comes back around with anything in it.


I can personally attest to the fact that little in this world brings out the kid in me more than hitting targets (cans, trees – anything but people or animals!) with a slingshot. There’s a little Dennis the Menace in all of us; let him out camping.


Yeah, you can lazily toss the frisbee around the campsite like a plebe. But, that’s not what that little plastic disc is best used for. That’s right: Beersbie*! If you’ve never heard of it, google it right now. You’re welcome! [*We personally recommend the two-pole version.]


Without speakers, the 4500 songs you have on your phone are useless. And without those songs, you’ll prolly have to sing yourself. And nobody wants that to happen. Bring speakers, Bruh.

Phone Chargers

Remember those 4500 songs? If your phone dies, you’ll end up singing yourself, which will likely lead to you having to sleep outside (read: “bear-bait”) because no one will let you sleep in their tent. So, to avoid being eaten by a bear, invest in a battery pack or two before you leave civilization and you’ll keep the tunes going all night. Mophie makes decent ones for iPhone and Android phones.


If you’re camping by the water, you’re already going to have a better time than if you were landlocked. Take full advantage of your beachfront digs by picking up a floaty or two at your local Canadian Tire. You don’t have to spend a lot to accomplish the goal of staying above water, but it’s amazing how quickly you can spend hundreds on an inflatable piece of plastic (palm trees, coolers, speakers, motors?!).

Propane Fire Pit

Camping simply isn’t camping without a campfire, and fire-bans typically kick-in pretty early each summer. So, what do you do? Get a propane fire pit, of course! For about $100, you can buy a portable fire pit at your local camping store or even Costco, allowing you to have safe, ember-free fun all summer wherever you choose to camp.

Flip Cups

Solo Cups + picnic table + beer + friends = Flip Cup.

Gatorade/Powerade/Coconut Water & Instant Coffee

If you drink, you will inevitably stay up way too late around the fire and you won’t realize all that you’ve consumed until the morning. That’s where the electrolytes and caffeine comes in. You know it’s only a few minutes until some genius throws you a “breakfast beer,” so let the first drink you reach for in the morning replenish all that you destroyed the night before.

Smirnoff Ice

I know what you’re thinking: “Smirnoff Ice?” But, like campfires, camping just isn’t camping without your friends hiding Smirnoff Ices in the bushes, under rocks, up in trees, and in the outhouses. If you don’t know what we’re talking about and haven’t been “Iced” before, you will eventually.

So there you have it – our must-haves list for camping this summer. If you manage to remember some of these items on your next camping trip, we guarantee you’ll have a better time than you did last year.

Think we missed something vital? Go ahead and add it in the comments below and we’ll eventually amend our list – after trying it out ourselves, of course.