Woman Job Searching on 86network.com

So, you’ve created your EightSix job seeker account. Now what?

You know that restaurant with the great vibe, awesome staff, and perfect location? That job that will fit your school schedule and make you all those killer tips? Yeah, that one; the job posting that compelled you to sign up on EightSix. Well, there’s a reason why the top employers use 86network.com to find staff: ’cause it’s stacked with very talented people just like you! So, how’re you going to stand out from all the other candidates?

Before you send that first application, there are a few quick things that you can do to dramatically increase your chances of getting an interview with that employer you’re dying to work for. Spending just a few minutes following these recommendations might make the difference between getting high-fived by your friends over congratulatory drinks and having to apply for something else.

  1. Complete your Availability: if employers don’t know when you can work, why would they spend their time interviewing you?
  2. Select your Desired Cities and Desired Job Positions: this helps recruiting employers find you in our candidate database. Getting found is the first step to getting recruited.
  3. Highlight a few Work Experiences & Education: let employers know at a glance at your profile that you have the experience and education to work for their business. You worked hard for it, so let it work for you.
  4. Upload an Image or Picture(s): showcase who you are, what you’re interested in, and why you’re the perfect hire.
  5. Add your Resume: it takes just a second and rounds out your profile. Plus, it’ll save you time in the interview process ’cause employers will already have it.

Easy, eh? Now, go complete that hire-worthy job profile and start making plans to celebrate landing that job!

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