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Find the best student jobs available across Canada

It’s no secret that many of the best student jobs are found in the restaurant, hospitality, and retail industries. Most students need a job that has part-time hours, flexible shifts, and little required experience. Plus, the ability to earn tips to pay for tuition, books, and other student expenses (read: beer) is a big bonus. What’s more, during the summer months, hospitality and retail employers can usually move their student employees to full-time hours to accommodate their open schedules, allowing them to save up for next year’s tuition.

Students can also be very important hires for many businesses because not only are they hard workers, but students’ social circles can be great pools of other potential hires for employers looking to fill their busy patio schedules during the summer months.

Here are a few of the top reasons why jobs in hospitality and retail are perfect for students:

Part-time hours – Most shifts in these industries are shorter than the regular eight hour shifts for most jobs out there. Perfect for working between classes at university.

Flexible shifts – Need to cram in some last-minute studying for that exam? No problem; simply switch your shift with one of your co-workers and you should be good to go!

No experience required – Most entry-level jobs in hospitality and retail require only a great attitude and a willingness to learn, making these jobs a great way to enter the workforce.

Great tips – Serving a busy section of good restaurant or manning the bar at a popular nightclub on Saturday night isn’t easy, but if you can get that kind of job, count yourself lucky! There are very few jobs out there where students can make hundreds of dollars in only a few hours of work.

EightSix has some of the best jobs for students in great cities across Canada such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton. Below we’ve provided some helpful quick search links for students in popular Canadian cities.

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Student jobs Vancouver

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