Common Job Application Mistakes to Avoid

Common Job Application Mistakes to avoid

Thanks to the abundance of sophisticated job-related web apps out there (*cough* *cough*), applying to jobs in 2015 has never been easier. Unfortunately, errors in job applications are as common today as they have ever been. Below, we’ve gathered our list of common job application mistakes and some helpful tips to avoid them. Spelling and grammatical… Read more »

Serving Tips: The Goldilocks Zone of Service

Serving Tips: The Goldilocks Zone of Service

#Rules2ServeBy: Being Attentive versus Invasive We’ve all been there: you sit down for a nice night out with your friends at your favourite restaurant or lounge and you leave feeling like you spent as much time with your server as you did the people you came with. Sure, you could order as soon as you… Read more »

Serving Tips: 2 Simple Rules to Serve By

#Rules2ServeBy: Drinks & Bills Serving tables can be challenging at times, especially when you’re being sat multiple tables at once during the rush. Generally speaking, customers are fairly understanding when the service takes a little longer than usual during the busiest time of the day (which is usually pretty obvious to anyone entering the restaurant)…. Read more »

Nailing your Interview Outfits

Great interview outfits

When it comes to interviews, first impressions are key – and your interview outfits can paint a fabulous picture of who you are before even uttering a word. Now, what you wear won’t guarantee you success, but it definitely puts your best foot forward when meeting a potential employer. And, this is even more important in… Read more »