Selling your workplace to job seekers is the basis of any solid recruitment strategy

Seriously, think about it: Why would someone want to work for your company? As an employer, you may think you have the best workplace in the world and that it’s a no-brainer that every job seeker in the city should be clamouring to work with you. You, your colleagues, your staff, head office; everyone may be convinced of this “fact,” but you may still find it difficult at times to find the ideal hire for some of your roles. How could this be the case when you are the best in the business? The difference between having the best workplace around and being able to reap the benefits of it is simple: communicating it to the industry.

Building and maintaining a positive brand in hospitality and retail (and in any industry, for that matter) is a delicate process that is influenced by any interaction with the public: the greeting a customer receives while entering your boutique, how quickly they receive a drink once they sit down, the temperature of the appies when they are delivered to the table, the efficiency of the checkout process, the friendliness of the server, your return policy; the list goes on. Indeed, the ability to convert a customer to an applicant must be appreciated at every opportunity because it is exactly the same as converting a potential customer to a paying customer (in other words, closing the sale).

So, what are some positive things about your business that you can focus your recruitment message on when closing the application sale with potential candidates? Here are our top five.


Your company’s unique personality is of utmost importance to job seekers. Are you fun, hip, and professional or boring and yesterday’s news? Do your core values as a company include empowering employees to maximize their potential or do you make sure everyone stays in their lane and contributes only to the extent of their job description? How do you recognize and award excellence? People want to feel part of a team and want to feel valued, and a company’s core values, ethics, rules, and attitude are the single biggest influencer of employee recruitment and retention.

Management Team

Your management team is the driver of your company culture and without a strong management team living up to, and thereby reinforcing, a positive culture, your desirability as a place of employment will suffer. If you and your fellow managers provide meaningful support and emphasize development of your staff, talk about it in your job copy. If you recognize and award high performers, give examples. If you ensure your staff enjoys their job and makes the most of it personally and professionally, boast about your employees’ successes. Potential applicants will imagine themselves working with you and will hit the apply button more often than not.


Opportunity comes in many forms but nothing speaks louder than advancement potential and money in one’s pocket. Does your store pay its cooks better than industry average? Do your servers and bartenders sell more and make more tips than your competition? Is there the opportunity to move from part-time hours to full-time? Does this position lead to a management role for top performers? What is the bonus structure? Is the company growing? Hitting these points when advertising your positions will appeal to job seekers’ ambitions as well as their wallets and will lead to more applications.

Flexible Work Hours

In hospitality and retail, many of us are looking for jobs that will accommodate our already busy schedules, whether it be due to school, family, travel or even other work commitments. Be sure to discuss your store’s approach to awarding time off, changing schedules and flipping shifts, working on holidays and scheduling vacation time. If a potential applicant doesn’t feel that they will be able to reduce their hours around exam time, you may have lost a great candidate.

Staff Perks

Every job comes with its perks and some are better than others. Let job seekers know about your employee discount, uniform allowance, and other advantages to working with you that may reduce the burden and add a little fun to the job. Do you provide a free meal per shift? Do you throw epic staff parties multiple times a year? How about a free drink after work? Perks show how your company appreciates the hard work of its employees so let them know what they can expect to get if they land the job!

In exactly the same way that you never want to lose a potential customer when you have them in store, you should never want to lose a potential applicant when you’ve got their eyes on your recruiting material. This involves crafting a consistent and compelling recruitment message that your company has the culture, management team, opportunity, schedule flexibility, and staff perks that job seekers are looking for and that all of the hard work that they put into your business will be appreciated and rewarded.


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