The Vancouver sports market will never be the same

The SportsBar LIVE! at Rogers Arena, opening this winter, will provide Vancouver sports fans with a truly immersive fan experience. Here to tell us all about this state-of-the-art sports bar and how he got involved with it is Dave Whitworth, Director of Restaurants at Canucks Sports and Entertainment.

How did you start working at Canucks Sports and Entertainment? What interested you most about the opportunity?

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to work for the Canucks Sports & Entertainment group so when they approached me with the wonderful opportunity to lead the opening of a new concept restaurant called The SportsBar, I have to admit that I jumped at it.The SportsBar LIVE Dave Whitworth

The opportunity to work for the Canucks was enticing because it married two of my passions: hockey and hospitality. I attended Dartmouth College on a full hockey scholarship and then went on to play five years of pro hockey in the East Coast Hockey League. At the end of my hockey career, I started in hospitality and I have been working in it ever since. For me, to reconnect both worlds is truly a dream come true and I couldn’t imagine a better or more suitable fit than for me to be in charge of The SportsBar brand.

What would a Google search on Dave Whitworth produce?

The search might just feature a “dust up” or two from my old hockey playing days. The videos are a lot of fun because they surprise a lot of people. I’m usually described as an even-tempered, mild-mannered dude and this is pretty accurate with the exception being that I’m a fiercely loyal and protective person who doesn’t hesitate to stick up for a buddy or a teammate when duty calls.

Talk about your experience with CSE since you started working there six months ago.

In one word: awesome!

In the short time that I’ve been here, I’ve participated in super cool team building events such as playing in a ball hockey tournament, cheering on our Vancouver Canadians at a baseball game at Nat Bailey, skiing in Whistler, listening to John Furlong deliver a memorable and inspiring speech, and, most recently, listening to a handful of the 1972 Summit Series Canadian hockey players retell stories from long ago.

What makes working at Canucks Sports and Entertainment so great?

The SportsBar LIVE with FINLeadership and the people are what makes the Canucks Sports & Entertainment group great! Our culture and value system is strong and, from the top down, we know why we’re here and what’s important to us: the fans!

What do you look for in candidates applying to CSE?

In candidates, I look for a positive spirit, great energy, huge hospitality, and passion for life!

Apply to The SportsBar LIVE!

Talk about The SportsBar concept. What will make this a unique sports bar/venue?

The SportsBar will be a first-of-its kind “LIVE!” sports and dining experience that will put our fans right in the game. The SportsBar will boast Vancouver’s longest bar which will be the length of an NHL blue line and it’ll have a view into the arena which will allow for our fans to experience the energy and excitement of being at the game. And, lastly, it’ll feature heart-pounding audio-visuals that will include 120+ high definition TVs, a 16.5’ projection screen, and a live DJ to lead the entertainment experience.

Describe the Food and Beverage program at The SportsBar.

Executive Chef Robert Bartley’s Sports Bar menu is inspired by his fresh, local take on traditional sports bar classics. It will be an elevated menu where sports bar favourites are reimagined using locally sourced fresh ingredients complimented by signature cocktails, craft beers, wines and spirits.

When do you plan on opening?

December 16th versus the Tampa Bay Lightning [updated Dec 12].

What does the future hold for The SportsBar brand?

The future looks very bright and exciting for the The SportsBar brand. We already have our second marquee, landmark location secured and it promises to be 20,000+ square feet, three levels with a rooftop patio and a seating capacity exceeding 800 people. It’ll be the place to watch any and all sporting events. Excuse the sporting reference but we’re looking to hit a home run with The SportsBar brand!

What do you like most about recruiting for Canucks Sports and Entertainment on

I like everything about EightSix Network starting with Andrew and Justin McAleenan – the cofounders and developers of the hospitality recruitment platform. They are service oriented, entrepreneurial, professional, and really good at what they do. Their site is easy to use and a very effective tool in recruiting top talent.

Renderings of The SportsBar LIVE! at Rogers Arena:

The Sportsbar LIVE at Rogers Arena Render3

A view into the arena will allow for fans to experience the excitement of being at the game

The Sportsbar LIVE at Rogers Arena Render1

The SportsBar LIVE! will feature Vancouver’s longest bar

The Sportsbar LIVE at Rogers Arena Render2

You won’t miss a second of the action on 120+ high definition TVs and a 16.5’ projection screen

Are you interested in joining the talented team at The SportsBar LIVE! at Rogers Arena? Applications are being accepted for all service and culinary positions right now so apply online with your EightSix Profile today!


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