How employers can reduce interview no-shows at their business

Reduce interview no-shows and spend more time improving your business

You know what sucks? Interview no-shows. Not only do no-shows waste precious time for busy hiring managers but they also reflect very poorly on the job applicant who decided to skip the interview without letting the employer know. All in all, interview no-shows just leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Ugh.

So, as an employer, how do you reduce the frequency of interview no-shows? Here are four simple ways to save yourself time and the pain of rescheduling your day due to candidates not showing up.

Contact Candidates ASAP

Job seekers are always looking to land their next job as soon as possible and the competition from other businesses for the best candidates is always high; get the jump on other employers by being as proactive as possible. On EightSix, we recommend logging into your recruiting dashboard at least every one-to-two days to review your applicants and peruse our Talent Community. (With thousands of candidates being added every month, our 130,000-strong Talent Community can be a gold mine for your business’ recruiting needs.) However you recruit, the sooner you review applications and contact a new candidate, the better the chance they will attend your interview and accept your job offer.

Message & Call Candidates

On EightSix, messaging candidates through your dashboard is fast and easy and candidates are emailed a copy of your message to ensure they get it. But, regardless of what platform you use to source talent, if you come across a can’t miss candidate, we always recommend that you call them ASAP to arrange an interview. Plus, you get the additional benefit of pre-qualifying each candidate you speak to over the phone, saving you time in person.

Organize Specific Interview Times

When inviting applicants to interviews, it’s easy to instruct all candidates to “come and speak with a manager between 2-4pm” and hope that they show up. But, this is where a lot of employers can lose amazing hires. Not only can candidates get jobs elsewhere before having the time to drop by your business within your open interview hours, but, ask yourself this: “If I was an applicant, would that response make me feel special?” Probably not, eh?

Like anyone, job applicants want – and need – to feel valued. And, of course, candidates should be valued. So, instead of instructing applicants to head down whenever they can make it and speak with “a manager,” set up a specific time and interviewer for the candidate to meet. For example, “Hi Jessica, your interview is set for Tuesday at 3pm. When you arrive, please ask for Michael.” Now, doesn’t that sound like the candidate’s application is being taken seriously?

Require that Candidates Confirm their Interviews on the day

You have set up a specific interview time with a great candidate. Now, instruct the candidate to contact you on the day of the interview to confirm their attendance! This simple little tip will result in your hiring team spending their time with only the most interested, engaged applicants because it shifts the onus to the applicant to confirm their interview with you. This can be achieved with an quick email, a phone call, or even a text message, and will allow your managers to block off less time waiting for applicants who never show up.

You might be thinking, “But, if I require my applicants to go through an extra step to confirm their interview with me on the day, I might turn them off and they won’t bother coming at all!” To that we say: Would someone who can’t send an email/text/call be a good hire anyway? Didn’t think so.


Interview no-shows are a drain on time, money, and management team morale. Employing these four recommendations will help you reduce the time your hiring team spends waiting for applicants who never show up as well as help you hire better employees when they do.


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