What is Candidate Sourcing for restaurants?

Our Candidate Sourcing for restaurants service includes a digital advertising campaign launched for your jobs that results in a curated pool of pre-screened candidates provided to your hiring team, allowing you to focus solely on interviewing the best.

Our process is simple and looks like this:

  1. Needs Assessment – We discuss what positions you’re hiring for, how many hires you need, and the profile of your ideal candidate (experience, skill set, etc).
  2. Recruitment Copy Review & Strategy – We create/review your career page and job descriptions and build a recruiting strategy to achieve the best results.
  3. Campaign Launch – We launch a digital advertising campaign across multiple channels to attract the best candidates.
  4. Candidate Short-listing – We review applications and short-list top candidates based on your hiring criteria.
  5. Candidate Delivery – We email a shortlist of the best candidates to your hiring team so they may set up interviews.

What makes Candidate Sourcing so valuable?

We are experts when it comes to sourcing quality candidates for your business. We use our experience running recruiting campaigns for many of the leading hospitality brands to craft a successful campaign. Utilizing EightSix to source candidates for your restaurant will not only result in better hires but it also frees up considerable hours for your management team to reinvest into your business.

What makes our approach effective?

We know how to craft content that will generate interest, what channels to use and how to use them. Plus, we use our own proprietary technology – 86network.com – to launch and host every campaign to ensure an exceptional candidate experience.

Is Candidate Sourcing right for your restaurant?

We have sourced candidates for some of the largest flagship restaurants to the smallest neighbourhood cafes and everything in between; regardless of your business’ size, we know what it takes to be successful. Candidate Sourcing is an excellent option whether you are hiring for one individual position or if you require a full roster of staff to open a brand new store.


Call 1-877-596-5772 or email client@86network.com to book your campaign and we’ll get started right away.


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