To You: The Cook, The Chef, The Dishwasher

You work HARD.

You start before the rest of the staff – and you stay later than everyone. Heat, sweat, sharp knives, hot plates, and the fervent pitch of action behind the line doesn’t faze you. In fact, that’s where you are at your best. As the dining room fills up and the chits start a white-out that will last the next few hours, you settle in to the rhythm of your station – pans, veg, grill, forno, pastry, dish, wherever you ply your keep. This is you, the cook, the chef, the dishwasher, in your element.


There is no place like a kitchen to earn a living and you know that people just won’t understand unless they’ve lived it themselves. And you’re proud of that. A kitchen is not a place where things are given; it’s a place where things are earned: hours, responsibilities, respect, even that beer after your shift.
You take your job seriously and you constantly work to hone your craft. You listen to your fellow cooks and chefs, picking up faster, easier, and safer ways to do things until they become second nature. And, you don’t even realize when they have because you’ve been too busy learning the next important skill, skills that assist you in your everyday life, even away from the line.
Your knives, the tools of your trade, are always kept sharp and your chef’s coat kept clean. It doesn’t stay that way over the course of each shift, but you wear those stains with the pride of a job done well until hitting it with plenty of detergent before the next time you’re in. Whether you are in or out of the guests’ view during service, a pro is a pro – and Chef won’t tolerate a stain-ridden uniform.

You are IN DEMAND.

You are the most sought after employee in the industry. Because of your culinary skill, or just your culinary interest, or – best yet – both, you bring to the table (pun intended) what which many others cannot. And, there aren’t many of you. You are a select few, a tight-knit corps of cooks, sous chefs, chefs, and dishwashers that represent the Unsung Heroes of every food service business the world over. This puts the power in your hands when looking for work as you have business after business clamouring for your services. You know you can work anywhere in the world you want because cooking is universal. All you need is the drive to do it.
When applying for your next challenge, you proudly showcase examples of your work, highlight your influences, and talk about where you want your career to go and how you intend to get there. You know what you want, and you know this industry is for you. Because you are an in demand, hard-working professional. Because you are culinary.


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