Get more out of your recruiting dollar

The challenges facing many businesses today are skyrocketing recruiting costs and a difficulty finding qualified staff. What was once free now costs significantly per click, which can add up surprisingly quickly and negatively impact the health of your business.

At EightSix, our focus has always been on building an awesome community of experienced industry candidates and connecting them with the best local employers. We strive to create a product and service that delivers great results at excellent value so that businesses of all sizes can benefit from our community.

As recruiting tactics have evolved and the industry has become more competitive, there is a greater need to advertise across multiple channels. This type of advertising is something many businesses struggle with, so we’re employing our technology and expertise to help our customers get more out of their recruiting dollar.

Meet Campaigns: simplified job advertising packages designed to reach the most qualified candidates for the lowest price, optimizing your recruiting spend to maximize your jobs’ reach.

In addition to Featured Jobs, three distinct Campaigns may be chosen for your jobs based on your recruiting goals:

BOOST Campaign

A 3 day advertising campaign designed to jump start your recruiting by increasing your job’s views at a value-laden price.

URGENT Campaign

A sustained 14 day advertising campaign to get your jobs in front of as many qualified candidates as possible. This campaign includes a Featured Job (for 30 days).

PREMIUM Campaign

Our most comprehensive advertising campaign. Perfect for hiring multiple positions for the same role, for important managerial positions, or for when the busy patio season is just around the corner. Highly effective and at an amazing value, there is no easier way to fulfill your challenging recruiting needs. Often purchased in lieu of hiring costly traditional recruiters.


Launch Campaigns for your active jobs at your convenience; simply select them at the checkout when you post or click Promote next to each job on your newly upgraded Dashboard.



Here’s to a successful Spring recruiting season!

– The EightSix Team



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