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Most restaurant managers have a million things going through their head daily. So when it comes to recruiting, it’s understandable that the exact timing of when to post a restaurant job is often not given much thought. After all, you NEED to hire NOW!

But did you know that the day of the week you choose to post your restaurant job can have a significant impact on the number of applications you receive? It all boils down to getting your job in front of the largest talent pool, and job boards don’t have the same number of candidates actively searching daily, job search varies day to day.

So, what is the best day to post a restaurant job? An easy rule of thumb to remember is that the earlier in the week you post, the more applicants you will receive. Our data shows us that we process 3x more applications on Monday than we do on Friday or Saturday. The one exception to this is that, generally speaking, Sunday is a better day to post than Friday or Saturday.

But why does it matter? Simple. Most job sites order their jobs chronologically, from most-recent at the top to oldest at the bottom of the list. You want your jobs near the top of search results at a time when the greatest number of candidates are looking.

So, if you were to post a job on Friday evening when fewer candidates are searching for jobs, by the time Monday morning rolls around and job search has picked up, your job is old news! Instead, post on Sunday evening or first thing Monday morning when your jobs will be seen by the largest pool of candidates.

One other major consideration: the influence of holidays. Our data tells us to avoid posting jobs on holidays as best you can. Instead, wait to post on Tuesday after a holiday Monday, or better yet, try launching your hiring campaign on a full work week because shortened weeks can be unpredictable when it comes to job search activity.

Is this information overload? The good news is that employers on don’t need to think about these little details because our platform automatically pushes out sponsored jobs at the ideal times to maximize exposure to the greatest number of candidates. Phew! Sign up today.

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