About EightSix

EightSix connects talented job seekers with the top customer service jobs in Canada.

As a job seeker, build an engaging profile in minutes and get recruited by the most sought-after employers. As an employer, showcase your business to job seekers and potential customers and effortlessly hire the top talent in your area. Regardless of who you are, EightSix will save you time, money, and stress.

EightSix works with many of the most well-respected companies and boasts over 100,000 job seeker users, making it one of the fastest growing job platforms in the country.

EightSix was named one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Companies by BCBusiness Magazine (2013) and won Best Concept at Small Business BC’s Successful You Awards (2012).

The Founders

Justin McAleenan  LinkedIn Logo48

An “ideas guy” with a knack for identifying future trends and creatively solving problems, Justin recognized the need for a modern solution to recruiting hourly employees while working in hospitality and completing his degree. His first start-up, EightSix, was born a few months later. In his off time, Justin can be found among friends, playing hockey, softball, golf, or tennis, and laughing at his own jokes.


Andrew McAleenan  Andrew McAleenan's LinkedIn

Andrew co-founded EightSix shortly after graduating from SFU’s business program. His analytical nature and experience in business, HR, and hospitality kept the lights on in the early days and, today, help drive the company’s growth. When he isn’t working, Andrew spends much of his time on the golf course with his wife or barbecuing in his backyard, cold beer in hand.


Why “EightSix?”

Our name is in reference to the hospitality-specific term “Eighty-Six,” which is typically used by staff when a restaurant runs out of a menu item (eg: “86 burgers!”). Eventually, it evolved into EightSix Network, which just felt right.