About EightSix

EightSix Network is Canada’s restaurant and hospitality job site, connecting talented job seekers with the industry’s premiere employers. Our easy-to-use software provides employers large and small with all of the tools they need to advertise jobs, quickly identify top candidates and effortlessly book interviews, resulting in better hires, lower staff turnover, and less money spent posting/sponsoring on job boards.

EightSix Network partners with many of the top companies across Canada and our Talent Community is over 200,000 job candidates strong.

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The Founders

Justin McAleenan  LinkedIn Logo48

An “ideas guy” with a love for creative problem solving, Justin recognized the need for a modern solution to recruiting hourly employees while working in hospitality and completing his degree. His first start-up, EightSix, was born a few months later. In his off-time, Justin can be found among friends, playing hockey, softball, golf, or tennis, and laughing at his own jokes.



Andrew McAleenan  Andrew McAleenan's LinkedIn

Andrew’s background working in restaurants and at one of the largest talent solutions companies in Canada gives him a unique perspective when it comes to recruiting. His current focus is on growing EightSix’s userbase and creating innovative ways for employers and job seekers to connect. Andrew loves cooking, golf and new technology.



Why “EightSix?”

Our name is in reference to the hospitality-specific term “Eighty-Six,” which is typically used by staff when a restaurant runs out of a menu item (eg: “86 burgers!”). Eventually, it evolved into EightSix Network, which just felt right.