Introducing the EightSix Community Forum

EightSix Network launches Customer Service Industry Community Forum

Network gets new meaning with the launch of EightSix Network’s Community forum The service industry is unique – and so are the people who call it home. That’s why we are very excited to introduce to you EightSix Community, the place for Canada’s service industry to connect and network online. EightSix Community is a community forum… Read more »

6 Tips for your first week as a Restaurant Server

6 Tips for your first Week as a SERVER

New Restaurant Server? Follow these tips. So, you just landed your first job as a restaurant server – congratulations! Working in the hospitality industry is a lot of fun and it can be very rewarding (plus, think of all that money you’re going to earn!). However, like most new jobs, your first week as a… Read more »

Why Working in a Kitchen Rocks, Part 2

Why Working in a Kitchen Rocks Part2

In Part 2 of Why Working in a Kitchen Rocks (read Part 1), we highlight more benefits to pursuing a culinary career. Friendship It is often said that going through a difficult situation can bring people closer. Working in close quarters in a hot, high-stress kitchen requires you to depend on those around you. Surviving… Read more »

Why Working in a Kitchen Rocks, Part 1

Why Working in a Kitchen Rocks

Working in a professional kitchen is one of the best jobs any young person can have. Period. There are very few jobs (readily available to young people) that can better teach the essential life skills that are acquired while cooking in a restaurant or hotel kitchen. In Part 1 of Why Working in a Kitchen Rocks, we look at… Read more »

5 Reasons to Get Excited about La Mezcaleria Gastown

La Mezcaleria Gastown Opening Soon

Opening soon and hiring now, La Mezcaleria Gastown is a highly anticipated new restaurant Yup, it’s true: Commercial Drive’s La Mezcaleria, one of Vancouver’s very best Mexican restaurants and cocktail lounges, is opening a second location in Gastown this Spring/Summer! With a focus on traditional Mexican dishes featuring local organic ingredients and ocean-friendly seafood, La Mezcaleria… Read more »

Common Job Application Mistakes to Avoid

Common Job Application Mistakes to avoid

Thanks to the abundance of sophisticated job-related web apps out there (*cough* *cough*), applying to jobs in 2015 has never been easier. Unfortunately, errors in job applications are as common today as they have ever been. Below, we’ve gathered our list of common job application mistakes and some helpful tips to avoid them. Spelling and grammatical… Read more »

Nailing your Interview Outfits

Great interview outfits

When it comes to interviews, first impressions are key – and your interview outfits can paint a fabulous picture of who you are before even uttering a word. Now, what you wear won’t guarantee you success, but it definitely puts your best foot forward when meeting a potential employer. And, this is even more important in… Read more »

Student Jobs in Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary

Find the best student jobs available across Canada It’s no secret that many of the best student jobs are found in the restaurant, hospitality, and retail industries. Most students need a job that has part-time hours, flexible shifts, and little required experience. Plus, the ability to earn tips to pay for tuition, books, and other student expenses… Read more »

No Experience Jobs in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary

No experience jobs are aplenty on EightSix Network So, your parents tell you that you’re old enough now to start to look for your first job. Or, maybe you’re one of the few that has always wanted to get out there and earn a little dough. It’s not always easy because finding a job when… Read more »

Win a $25 gift card for getting a job on EightSix!

Have you been hired as a result of applying for a job on EightSix? We would like to reward you for telling others about it! If you’ve been hired as a result of applying to a job on, congrats! You’ve joined thousands of other talented hospitality and retail EightSix users who have gotten jobs using their EightSix… Read more »