To You: The Cook, The Chef, The Dishwasher

To You: The Cook, The Chef, The Dishwasher

You work HARD. You start before the rest of the staff – and you stay later than everyone. Heat, sweat, sharp knives, hot plates, and the fervent pitch of action behind the line doesn’t faze you. In fact, that’s where you are at your best. As the dining room fills up and the chits start… Read more »

Introducing the EightSix Community Forum

EightSix Network launches Customer Service Industry Community Forum

Network gets new meaning with the launch of EightSix Network’s Community forum The service industry is unique – and so are the people who call it home. That’s why we are very excited to introduce to you EightSix Community, the place for Canada’s service industry to connect and network online. EightSix Community is a community forum… Read more »

Why Working in a Kitchen Rocks, Part 2

Why Working in a Kitchen Rocks Part2

In Part 2 of Why Working in a Kitchen Rocks (read Part 1), we highlight more benefits to pursuing a culinary career. Friendship It is often said that going through a difficult situation can bring people closer. Working in close quarters in a hot, high-stress kitchen requires you to depend on those around you. Surviving… Read more »

Why Working in a Kitchen Rocks, Part 1

Why Working in a Kitchen Rocks

Working in a professional kitchen is one of the best jobs any young person can have. Period. There are very few jobs (readily available to young people) that can better teach the essential life skills that are acquired while cooking in a restaurant or hotel kitchen. In Part 1 of Why Working in a Kitchen Rocks, we look at… Read more »

Tips on Saving Tips for Big Spenders

Tips on Saving Tips for Big Spenders

Saving tips can almost be as fun as spending them (really!) Servers and bartenders always have cash in hand. Once they complete their shifts and do their cash out, they often leave work with money in their pockets. Funny thing is, by the time some get home each night (or early morning), very little is left. Where… Read more »

An Easy Full Body Workout to Fit your Work Schedule

Full Body Workout Tips to fit your schedule

  A great full body workout on a regular basis can be accomplished, even on a tight schedule The start of a new year often comes with a gleaming list of resolutions that you’re chalk full of motivation to tackle. And, if you’re like so many of us, at the top of that list is the resolution to… Read more »

Holiday Hairstyles for Women

Holiday Hairstyles for Women

Look stylish from the office to the office party during the holidays As women, transforming our beauty look from day to night is a challenge we face often, but even more so during the holiday season when after-work events and celebrations fill up our calendars. And if you’re like me, a busy schedule equates to… Read more »

Nailing your Interview Outfits

Great interview outfits

When it comes to interviews, first impressions are key – and your interview outfits can paint a fabulous picture of who you are before even uttering a word. Now, what you wear won’t guarantee you success, but it definitely puts your best foot forward when meeting a potential employer. And, this is even more important in… Read more »

Stylish & Comfortable: What Shoes to Buy for Working on your Feet

Us ladies know far too well that we go through a lot when it comes to our feet. Fashion is not particularly that favourable to comfort, and we usually give in. Six inch stilettos with blisters on the side? GIVE IT TO ME! Patent leather peep toe booties you’ll never wear again? LOVE IT! But… Read more »