Introducing Job Advertising Campaigns

  Get more out of your recruiting dollar The challenges facing many businesses today are skyrocketing recruiting costs and a difficulty finding qualified staff. What was once free now costs significantly per click, which can add up surprisingly quickly and negatively impact the health of your business. At EightSix, our focus has always been on building… Read more »

Successful Recruiting in a Tough Market Case Study: Piva Modern Italian


A well-planned strategy is key to successful recruiting New Westminster, BC, restaurant Piva Modern Italian’s 360 degree approach to recruiting resulted in hiring a talented opening team on time and on budget. It is well-documented in the media and throughout Canadian hospitality and tourism that many in the restaurant industry face an uphill climb when… Read more »

Candidate Sourcing for Restaurants

What is Candidate Sourcing for restaurants? Our Candidate Sourcing for restaurants service includes a digital advertising campaign launched for your jobs that results in a curated pool of pre-screened candidates provided to your hiring team, allowing you to focus solely on interviewing the best. Our process is simple and looks like this: Needs Assessment – We discuss… Read more »

How to Reduce Interview No-Shows

How employers can reduce interview no-shows at their business

  Reduce interview no-shows and spend more time improving your business You know what sucks? Interview no-shows. Not only do no-shows waste precious time for busy hiring managers but they also reflect very poorly on the job applicant who decided to skip the interview without letting the employer know. All in all, interview no-shows just… Read more »

Recruitment 101: How to Sell your Workplace to Job Seekers

Recruitment 101: How to Sell your Workplace To Job Candidates

Selling your workplace to job seekers is the basis of any solid recruitment strategy Seriously, think about it: Why would someone want to work for your company? As an employer, you may think you have the best workplace in the world and that it’s a no-brainer that every job seeker in the city should be clamouring to work with… Read more »

Six Job Posting Tips for Effective Recruiting

Without knowing, employers far and wide are making critical errors in their online job postings, costing them job posting views and potential hires. Here are six quick job posting tips for writing effective postings that can not only boost the number of applications you receive, but could lead to that great hire you’ve been searching for. 1) Job… Read more »

Hiring online best practices and tips

EightSix Network is designed to save your business time and money hiring online. After consulting with many of our clients about how they manage their own employer accounts, we’ve put together a list of Best Practices and Tips that will ensure you get the most out of your EightSix Network membership. Follow these practices and hire… Read more »

Increase online job applications: link to your Company Page on

Allow your site’s visitors to apply easily via EightSix To ensure that you don’t miss out on any strong online job applications, give your website’s visitors the option of conveniently applying to your business using their EightSix Profile. After all, the easier you make the application process, the more online job applications you will likely receive. How?… Read more »