Questions about your account? You’ll likely find the answers you need below in our Employer FAQ.


How do I post a job?

Click POST A JOB button at the top right of your employer dashboard.

Complete your job posting details.

Add application questions (recommended).

If your business has an Unlimited Membership, post your job using your unlimited job posting credit. If not, please complete the credit card payment form at the checkout and complete your purchase to post your job.


How do I search the EightSix Talent Community for tens of thousands of qualified candidates?

Click TALENT COMMUNITY at the top navigation.

Complete the search fields and candidates who meet your requirements will be displayed from most recently active to least.


How do I view my job applicants?

Click JOBS at the top navigation.

Click on the Applicants, Matches, or Deleted boxes to view individual candidates for each job posting.

To view candidates for particular job posting(s), use the search fields at the top of your screen to narrow your results to certain jobs, positions, locations, or job seekers.


How do I contact my job applicants?

While viewing your applicants, place a checkmark next to each applicant you wish to contact and click the MESSAGE button (at top) to send them an email. Or, click SEND MESSAGE button found on each applicant’s profile (under the profile image) while viewing it. Then, email or call back-and-forth as you normally would to set up interviews.

Alternatively, you may contact candidates directly using their email address and/or phone number contained in the Applicant Alert email you receive each time you receive a new application.


How do I deactivate a job posting?

Go to the JOBS page and click DEACTIVATE next to the job you wish to remove.

Alternatively, click EDIT on the job posting and click DEACTIVATE at the top right of the posting.


How do I give a boost to the number of applications I’m receiving?

You can boost the number of views your jobs receive a number of ways:

1. Link visitors on your business’ website to your Careers Profile on by copy and pasting your unique link found at the top of your dashboard (read more).

2. Share your job with your business’ social media followers by clicking the Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter logos next to each of your active jobs in the JOBS section.

3. Click “Promote” next to each of your active jobs in the JOBS section and upgrade them to Featured (which receive many more clicks than regular jobs)

4. Click “Promote” and choose the job advertising Campaign appropriate to achieve your recruiting goals. Campaigns include advertisements displayed at the top online places that qualified candidates for your particular job spend time.


The Promote Jobs tool: how does it work?

The Promote tool is a useful feature that allows employers to give a promotional boost to active jobs. To use, click the “Promote” button next to the active job(s) that you would like to get more views.

At the checkout, choose to:

Feature your job posting to increase its visibility on Featured Jobs typically receive many more clicks than regular job postings, resulting in more applications.

Launch a Campaign for your job. Using EightSix’s extensive job network, these job advertising packages are optimized to reach the largest number of qualified candidates for every dollar spent based on job position, location, and company brand.


How do I send the application alerts to an email address other than the one associated with my account (username)?

When completing the Post a Job process, enter the email address you’d like to direct the notifications to in the CONTACT EMAIL field.


How do I edit my business’ hosted Careers Page?

To view what job seekers see, click CAREERS PAGE at the top navigation.

To edit your Careers Page, click UPDATE CAREERS PAGE while viewing your Careers Page (top right). It is highly recommended that you complete your Careers Page to its fullest, including adding a company logo, full description, website, banner image, and gallery images. If you were looking for a job, what would you want to find out about a business on their careers page?


How do I upload/change my company logo?

Click CAREERS PAGE at the top navigation and click the UPDATE CAREERS PAGE button at the top left of the page.

Scroll down an click “Choose File” next to LOGO.


How do I change the email address (username) and name associated with my account?

Click ACCOUNT at the top navigation and click “Edit” under ACCOUNT INFO.

Note: changing your account’s email address will change the email address (username) that you will use to login to your account moving forward. Please notify all other account administrators of the change.


How do I change my password?

Reset your password HERE.


How can I get more help with my recruiting?

We are experts in online recruiting and recruitment marketing. Please contact us to see how we can assist with your recruiting.


How do I renew my annual membership?

Each year, you will be automatically notified of your approaching renewal date approximately 30 days before expiry. On your membership anniversary, your EightSix Membership will automatically be renewed and your account details (payment method and schedule) will remain the same unless we are notified otherwise.



If you require further assistance, email us at or call us at 1-877-596-5772 and we’ll be happy to help.