Questions about your account? You’ll likely find the answers you need below in our Job Seeker FAQ.


How do I view my EightSix profile (what employers see when I apply to a job)?

Click PREVIEW PROFILE button under your profile image on your job seeker dashboard.


How do I edit my EightSix profile?

Scroll over your name in the top right of your dashboard and click EDIT PROFILE.


What is my “Status Update,” who sees it, and where is it displayed?

Your Status Update is your way of telling employers whatever you’d like, whether it be a comment about who you are (eg. “Hard working, experienced, happy-go-lucky retail job seeker!), what you’re looking for on your job search (eg. “Looking for a part-time bartending position Downtown Toronto”) or anything else (eg. “Hire me! I have open availability!”). Feel free to update your status as often as you’d like.

Your Status Update appears beside your applications in an employer’s account as well as beside your name when an employer searches our database for top hospitality and retail talent.


What is “Desired Employment?”

“Desired Employment” is where you specify what job position(s) you’re looking for and where (what city) you want to work in. These selections are used by employers to find you – a job candidate – when searching through our database, so make sure they are completed and accurate.


What is my “Work History?”

Quickly add one or more of your previous (or current) jobs to your profile so employers can easily see that you’re right for their business. The more detail you provide, the better!

To delete a Work History entry, click REMOVE THIS ITEM above each entry.


Do I need to add my social media profiles to my account?

Nope, but it can help you get an interview and adding at least one entry does contribute to your profile completeness. To do so, just copy and paste the URL of each profile into the corresponding field.


Why should I add my resume if I have completed my EightSix profile?

Some employers still require resumes and will ask you for it if they decide to offer you an interview. So, save yourself the hassle and add it to your profile so they have it already. Plus, it might provide potential employers with some extra info about you that could help you get the job.


What do I write in About Me?

Anything you want. Consider it your opportunity to speak directly to employers – an informal cover letter, if you will. Feel free to elaborate on your Status Update.


How do I change the email address and name associated with my account?

Scroll over your name at the top right of your dashboard and click ACCOUNT.

Note: changing your account’s email address will change the email address you will use to log in into your account.


How do I reset my password?

Reset your password HERE.


How do I search for jobs?

Click the blue FIND A JOB button on your dashboard or hit the EightSix logo at the top left of your screen to return to the homepage.



If you require further assistance, email us at or call us at 1-877-596-5772 and we’ll be happy to help.