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Pizzeria Spacca Napoli

2801 Saint Johns Street, Port Moody, BC

Pizzeria Spacca Napoli Careers

People keep asking us who we are and why we do what we do. Why a Neapolitan pizzeria in Port Moody? Well, the answer is simple, we are cooking food that is ingrained in us. Food that we are passionate about and food that we are proud of. Our space is industrial, our team’s background is complex, and while we all come from different expertise, we just want to be your favourite pizzeria. Our menu respects our heritage, but we aren’t afraid of breaking the mold, and we’re proud of that. Our food is about tradition, Neapolitan tradition. We’re making authentic pizza Napoletana, serving local craft beers, and pulling shots of creamy espresso.
We are proud to be Italian, proud to be Canadian, and proud to serve you food that will take you to the birthplace of pizza.