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Wings Restaurant & Pub Surrey

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Looking for experience General Manager for Wings Tap & Grill (Surrey location)

Surrey, British Columbia (view on map)

Posted 12 days ago

The General Manager is responsible for the day to day operations of a Wings Tap & Grill Restaurant, under the direction of the Franchisee (Franchisee follow the Franchise agreement). This includes conducting the affairs of business for the store, supervision and development of the management team and store staff, as well as proper procedures with respect to personnel policies.

The General Manager as a day to day function will oversee purchasing and production of foodstuffs, according to company policies and practices.

The General Manager, in conjunction with the Franchisee and utilizing available marketing tools, will aggressively pursue methods to increase sales.


Conducting Affairs of Business
The General Manager’s focus will be on maintaining three priorities:
1. The health and safety of all GUESTS.
2. Operating to Wings Tap & Grill International’s systems and standards.
3. Ensuring Operational profitability.

The General Manager will be responsible for the day to day functions of the store, such as banking, cash control, maintenance of store records, purchasing of foodstuffs and supplies, checking of invoices for accuracy with respect to price charged, amount received and proper extensions. He/she will maintain control of cost factors in operating and expense categories as well as food and labour costs.

Complete responsibility for the financial performance of the restaurant will rest with this individual, and any recommendations in this area should be given to the Franchisee.

o The General Manager will be responsible for implementing any operational changes, including new menu items, recipes or procedures that are approved by Corporate Office.

Supervision of the Management Team

The General Manager will train and develop
manages/supervisors in accordance with Wings Tap & Grill Guidelines for these positions. He/she will develop a management schedule for the store, and allocate workloads and projects to these individuals.
It will be a priority to ensure adequate management presence in the store at all times and to arrange cover-off where required.

The position of Assistant Manager which may in fact be either the Kitchen or Service Supervisor will be given a considerable amount of attention by the General Manager in terms of development of the individual for future responsibilities.

o The general level of performance of all store staff will be constantly under the scrutiny of the General Manager and he/she will ensure that proper policies and procedures are used by all staff at all times.

Store Staff Supervision

The general level of performance of all store staff will be under scrutiny of the General Manager, and he/she will ensure that proper policies and procedures are used at all times.

o The General Manager will ensure that courtesy, speed, quality and cleanliness are top priorities in the minds of all employees. The General Manager will be responsible for all aspects of staff performance, working through his/her Assistant Managers for best results.

Building Sales

The GENERAL MANAGER will ensure that all Wings Tap & Grill operational systems and standards are maintained in order to support marketing initiatives.

The General Manager will pursue methods to increase sales through the use of promotions, local advertising, increased average sales per customer and community involvement.

o The manager will always be on the lookout for ways to increase the unit level sales and will report to the Corporate Office any new or interesting methods that would benefit other Franchisees in the Wings Tap & Grill System.

Purchasing and Production of Foodstuffs

The General Manager will buy authorized products in appropriate amounts for the level of business expected. He/she will ensure that the quality, quantity and handling of all products are according to the Wings Tap & Grill System as defined in the HACCP.

o The General Manager will evaluate supplies for compliance with specifications as issued by Corporate Office, and will report deficiencies as they arise. He/she will ensure that standard recipes and methods are used at all times to produce Wings Tap & Grill Brand Standards (BSM).

Other Duties

The GENERAL MANAGER will ensure that at least one member of the management team attends the annual development conferences presented by Wings Tap & Grill.
The Manager will seek out and attend courses that are beneficial to business and personal development, in order to constantly upgrade his/her personal achievement at Wings Tap & Grill.

The Manager will remain alert and interested in the food service industry, remaining abreast of trends and drawing to the attention of the Corporate Office any concepts or ideas that may have applications for Wings Tap & Grill.

o The Manager will perform other such related tasks as may be assigned from time to time.

* Flexible to work in other locations in lower mainland

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Date Available: January 9th, 2019

Compensation: Dependent on Experience

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Contact Name: Angel Chan

Contact Position: Owner

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