Belfast Love, Donnelly Group

“The Donnelly Group has been working with EightSix Network for over 3 years and the partnership has resulted in great recruiting success. The team at EightSix is immediate to respond, help, guide, and answer any questions that we’ve had. It is one of our go-to methods in finding talented candidates for our business. We hope to maintain the relationship with EightSix Network as we continue to grow within the industry.”

Jex Woods, Assistant General Manager

JOEY Restaurants Amy Hamdorff

JOEY Restaurants

“We have partnered with EightSix Network for over five years. Justin, Andrew, and the EightSix team are knowledgeable about the industry and fully understand our needs when recruiting and attracting the industry’s top talent. They are always there to support our efforts and we look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.”

Amy Hamdorff, Recruiting Manager

New Oxford / Tavern, Donnelly Group

“In an industry where people are the most important asset, EightSix Network provides us an excellent tool to assist with our company’s recruitment. The number of qualified applicants with experience, passion and enthusiasm far exceeds any other avenue in the market.”

Megan Annand, General Manager

Craft Beer Market

We are a busy fast paced restaurant with over 150 staff members – in an industry that is known for high turn over, we’ve been lucky enough to find a very warm, friendly, family oriented group of individuals that have come together as a team. I first looked to EightSix Network about six months ago and haven’t looked back since. We’ve been very happy and have had much success with the quality and quantity of the applicants. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket in this industry and we constantly thrive on recruiting and developing the best individuals to fit with our core values, fulfill our mission statement and build our brand, but I would highly recommend EightSix Network for driving applicants to your business and for hiring quality employees.

Franny Roberts, Assistant General Manager

JRG Marie Wynne

Joseph Richard Group

The recent upgrades to the EightSix Network site are amazing, especially the fact that we can also post to [other paid job boards] through one easy upgrade – all without leaving the EightSix site! It makes it so much easier and faster to find great new additions to our rapidly growing company!

Marie Wynne, Personnel Director

Original Joe’s Restaurant & Bar

“EightSix Network has been where I’ve found a great number of employees. The site provides great insight with regards to the applicants so you can book the most effective interviews. The monthly rate makes getting relevant interviews easy. I use it every time I’ve got a spot to fill.”

Andrew Flynn, General Manager

Service Inspired Restaurants

“EightSix Network has provided an innovative and successful solution for recruitment in the hospitality industry. The tool works well for both the Hiring Manager and the candidate in terms of reviewing skills and experience, and gaging the level of interest of the candidate. It also provides the candidate with the opportunity to get a feel for the brand. Searching, reviewing candidate info and communication with candidates – simple, which is essential in our fast-paced industry. Apart from the tool itself, the team at EightSix Network is a great partner in providing support and tips on best practices.”

Jenn Dey, Manager, Talent Acquisition & Onboarding

Browns Socialhouse Crest Logo

Browns Socialhouse

“EightSix Network is the best investment we’ve made in over two years.”

Craig Lust, Franchisee

Canucks Sports & Entertainment Logo

Canucks Sports & Entertainment

“EightSix Network is a great recruitment tool for hospitality hiring. User-friendly on the employer side to post positions quickly and to source candidates from the database.”

Angela Lee, Human Resources

BlarneyStone logo

The Blarney Stone

“Excellent value service which produces prime candidates in the industry quickly and easily.”

– Charles Bethell, General Manager

Joe Fortes Logo Image

Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House

“We have been using EightSix Network for our recruiting practices for over 3 years. Having utilized this service as our primary recruiting tool, I would highly recommend their services to any size business to handle their recruiting needs as well. The service we have received from EightSix Network has been informative, interactive, and always accommodating and helpful.”

– Chad MacKenzie, Assistant General Manager

JAK Group Logo

JAK Group

“In my ten years of managing in the hospitality industry, I have found recruiting with EightSix Network to be the best. I’ve found some great additions to our team.”

Peter Winstanley, Pub Operations Manager

Fish House logo

The Fish House in Stanley Park

“I enjoy knowing that all of the applicants are industry people. I like the fact that we can have some questions answered before an interview to know if it will be a great fit or not. A real time saver! Nearly 100% of our hires since taking over at The Fish House have been recruited on EightSix.”

Steve Duyzer, General Manager

JOEY Restaurants New Logo

JOEY Restaurants

“EightSix is an industry specific job site that takes the best of Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist to combine for a highly effective recruitment tool for your business. [EightSix is] service oriented and committed to helping your business win at the people game. [EightSix] is, without a doubt, a leading edge and pioneering job site that is quickly becoming THE way to staff restaurants!”

Dave Whitworth, Regional Manager (former)

Cactus Club logo

Cactus Club Cafe

“EightSix Network has provided a brilliant solution to the hospitality industry’s hiring challenges. With time being a very premium commodity for restaurant managers, EightSix Network has made the hiring process so much more time effective. We get hundreds of applicants a month and by utilizing EightSix Network we are able to process applications in a very timely manner and spend our time interviewing only the best candidates. We can very quickly get a feel for a candidate through their EightSix profile and quickly see if they have the right experience, abilities and skills that would warrant an interview. [EightSix] has found an unexplored niche in the market that will undoubtedly become the standard tool for our industry. Ultimately it is a win-win scenario for both employers and job seekers and we have had some amazing hires through the website. EightSix Network is now our primary tool for recruitment.”

Justin Kovats, General Manager

Local Public Eatery logo

LOCAL Public Eatery

“What I enjoy about the EightSix Network is that it is very similar to our initial application process. It really allows people to give us their real first impression. The nature of our business is that we typically are very busy so [EightSix Network] allows us to allocate time to go through our applicants and correspond with them before they even enter the restaurant.”

– Cheryl Conn, General Manager 

Earls Logo

Earls Kitchen + Bar

“EightSix is a perfect way to reach out to a pool of people in your specific area and basically hand-pick the people that look like the right fit.”

Mike Hodges, Head Chef

Tap & Barrel

“We’ve really enjoyed the efficiency that EightSix Network provides; it has helped improve our candidates and streamline our hiring process. With no glitches or shortfalls to date, it’s easy to say that we’re thoroughly enjoying using EightSix Network and would recommend it to other industry professionals.”

Ky Scott, Manager

JOEY Restaurants

“The simple and easy to use site allows our managers access to some of the best potential hires in the market. I love the fact that the recruiting process on EightSix doesn’t have to be a ‘sit back and wait’ process; it can [also] be proactive for the employers. With the social media and online world taking over [EightSix] is an effective and efficient way to search out and hire the best people out there.”

Kristin Constable, Manager of People Practices

Cactus Club Cafe

“Working with 86network puts the power back in your hands. You can view in-depth profiles of active job seekers in your industry. These profiles include the applicants experience level, expectations, and even traits they find important in an employer. With this information it is easy to find employees that are the right fit for your business needs. Hiring staff through 86 network has given me the extra time I need to spend on proper training and development. It makes hiring and training easy.”

Johnny Walker, General Manager

VooDoo Lounge

“EightSix Network has been instrumental in our employment hiring by offering a pain free and simple to use recruitment process. With EightSix being dedicated to the hospitality industry, it removes the daunting task of screening for qualified employees and allows you to add a wide range of specifics for the positions that we need to fill. We all know how difficult it can be to hire ideal candidates, and, of course, the extreme cost to train, maintain and, unfortunately, fire if necessary; however, the EightSix system has increased our employee retention and amplified the quality of our staff. I recommend their services to all in need of hiring for the hospitality industry.”

David Hensch, General Manager (former)

Cactus Club Cafe

“There are many benefits to using EightSix as a recruiting tool. I personally have found the ability to post or remove ads immediately without having to use a third party (ie: newspaper) most beneficial as every time I have posted an ad I have seen results immediately. Also, the ability to promote our business through the EightSix platform has proven to be beneficial and has helped drive traffic and awareness to the locations.

All in all I am a supporter of EightSix Network and the product that they deliver.”

Jim Taylor, Regional Manager


Earls Kitchen + Bar

“Its great! So easy to navigate [and] gives all the vital info in a quick snapshot. It’s a big time-saver, plus I really like the Network because it’s unique to hospitality employees.”

Dylan Todd, General Manager

Cactus Club Cafe

“We are using EightSix for our recruiting and it’s shaping up to be the most important recruiting tool. The exposure it is giving us has been impressive. We have found a lot of great people through EightSix Network.”

Peter Flengeris, General Manager





Cagney’s Restaurant

“The fact that you can search the EightSix database for employees is really useful because you can actively search for employees instead of just sitting back and waiting for people to respond to your job posting. The way you can promote your post through Kijiji, Craigslist, Facebook, and Twitter maximizes your job posting’s reach and consolidates all of your job responses into one inbox makes sorting through your job candidates effortless. Simply put, EightSix Network has been the best recruiting tool that we have ever used. If you are not on the Network I highly recommend you join today!”

– Alexander Cagney, Owner

LOCAL Public Eatery

“[The EightSix Profile] gives you an honest read on how serious [applicants] are; some individuals print off a resume from 2-3 years ago while this shows the care from filling out the online portion. What I have found is that the individuals who take the time [to fill out their profile] show up to interviews caring and willing. I also find it attracts the industry’s best rather than a walk-in off the street. [EightSix Network] has created a way to pre-screen so we do not waste the individual’s time if they are not qualified.”

Brett Butterwick, General Manager

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown

“The EightSix profile provides me with more information about each applicant than your typical resume does so I cut down on time spent interviewing and, ultimately, hire better people more efficiently. I highly recommend EightSix for hospitality businesses large and small.”

Scott Fitch, F&B Manager

The Glowbal Collection

“EightSix has (finally!) provided the hospitality industry with an innovative simple to use, efficient, time-saving and effective way to recruit. I receive hundreds of resumes a month and now with using 86network, I am able to review the profile of each candidate online. Thank you [EightSix] for understanding the needs of the hospitality market!”

Jane Frohlick, Human Resources Manager





Culinary Capers Catering

“We have noticed a few things that EightSix Network does that others aren’t doing. EightSix Network is focused on social networking and typically we are recruiting people that are users of social media. Also, providing the Sketches really sets EightSix Network apart: it’s fantastic to be able to get a sense of who someone is and what they are looking for. We also find it very helpful to be able to input specific requirements [eg. Serving it Right, Food Safe, etc.] which helps to make sure that we are viewing the candidates that fit best with what we are looking for.”

– Jennifer Sangster, CHRP, Human Resources Manager

LIFT Bar | Grill | View

“[T]he ability to search [through the database of]Sketches without placing an ad is great; you can comb through qualified prospects and interview at will. I also like the ability to direct the positions open to only those who [are qualified to] apply and lessen the amount of time spent weeding out those that may not be suited for our environment.”

Steve Lobsinger, General Manager (former)