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BC nightclubs and banquet halls to close, alcohol restrictions announced at restaurants

As COVID-19 numbers continue to increase, the BC Provincial Health Authority orders all banquet halls and nightclubs closed.

Sep 09, 2020 - EightSix Staff

Dr. Bonnie Henry has ordered all nightclubs and banquet halls closed in order to slow the increase of COVID-19 cases in British Columbia.

In addition, liquor sales in all bars, pubs and restaurants must stop by 10pm and these venues must close by 11 p.m. unless full meal service is being provided. In order to limit patrons from yelling near one another, music must now be reduced to no louder than a normal conversation in all establishments.

British Columbia reported 429 new COVID-19 cases of over the previous four days. BC now has a total of 6,591 cases.

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