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Coronavirus scare impacting Metro Vancouver restaurants

Worries about the coronavirus is scaring away business from some Metro Vancouver restaurants, especially those in Richmond, BC.

Feb 13, 2020 - EightSix Staff

Despite the fact that there are only four known cases in BC, worries about the spread of coronavirus is being felt by BC restaurants as customers choose to stay home.

Restaurants in Richmond, BC, home to many people from different parts of China, are being particularly impacted. Typically, larger groups of families and friends dining together would have restaurants buzzing this time of year, but with would-be customers observing suggested periods of self-quarantine due to their recent travels to China, business has slowed. And it is the larger restaurants that rely on big parties and events that are being impacted the hardest, with bookings as far away as May being cancelled.

Slumping sales and reduced labour needs has led to fewer shifts for staff and less hiring overall in the region, compounding the issue.

Read the original article by Joanne Lee-Young on The Vancouver Sun: Metro Vancouver restaurants take hit as customers worry about coronavirus.

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