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Big changes to this year's Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim contest

Fewer paper cups, a shorter contest period, and fewer prizes are among the changes as Roll Up the Rim goes digital

Feb 19, 2020 - EightSix Staff

Tim Hortons has announced a number of major changes to Canada's beloved Roll Up the Rim contest as its parent company cuts costs due to slumping sales.

These changes include:

1) A shorter contest period of 4 weeks (March 11 until April 7) versus last year's 10 weeks (February 6, 2019 until April 17, 2019).

2) Fewer paper cups in favour of digital "rolls" through the Tim Hortons app. This hybrid model is meant to make the contest more sustainable while keeping the participation of its less-app-savvy customers. The app will also allow the company better data to track its customers' purchasing behaviour over the course of the contest.

3) Less total prize value: $29.9 million in 2020 versus 2019's $71.3 million.

Together, the announced changes should save the company millions of dollars.

Read the original article by Josh K. Elliott at Global News: Roll Up the Rim 2020: Tim Hortons slashes contest while pushing app ‘rolls’.

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