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Canadian teams win big at 2020 IKA Culinary Olympics

Canada well-represented at the world's largest and oldest culinary event

Feb 26, 2020 - EightSix Staff

Canada's teams competing in the 2020 IKA Culinary Olympics left Germany big winners after placing well in multiple categories.

Taking place once every four years, the IKA Culinary Olympics is the oldest and largest culinary competition in the world. This year's event took place February 14-19, 2020, in Stuttgart, Germany, and featured 32 culinary teams representing over 60 countries and 6000 entries across all of the categories. Canada was represented by five teams and two individual competitors.

Canada's winners:

- Youth Culinary Team Canada, Gold (2 Categories), 4th Overall

- National Culinary Team Canada, Silver (2 Categories), 8th Overall.

- Culinary Team British Columbia, Silver (1 Category),

- NAIT Culinary Team, Bronze (1 Category), 12th Overall

- Agriculture Culinary Team Manitoba, Silver (1 Category)

- Tina Tang, Culinary Federation Okanagan, Bronze - Pastry Arts, 13th Overall

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