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Half of Scotch Whiskies are Frauds, say Glasgow Scientists

Scientists in Glasgow have applied radiometric dating to Scotch whiskies and found that up to half are fraudulent.

Feb 06, 2020 - EightSix Staff

Researchers in Glasgow have developed a new technique to verify age of scotch whiskies by using radiometric dating. The researchers have found that almost half of such whiskies are fraudulent.

“Old, genuine, empty malt whisky bottles are being purchased online and filled with relatively modern distilled spirits”, said Cook, who headed the research team.

Expensive whiskies have been a status symbol of the rich as of late, with preposterous new records being set every year, and sometimes, every month. The latest example of this extravagant procession of is a single bottle of 1926 Macallan scotch which was sold for $1.9 million USD in 2019.

Previously, a variety of methods were used for detecting fakes, such as testing for the sugar and the type of grain used in the distillation. None so far, could verify the age.

The researchers developed a novel method to use radiometric dating techniques in order to measure the age of the barley from which the whisky is brewed. This new method is especially accurate at identifying brewing dates in the 1950s, due to radiometric signatures left by nuclear weapons testing.

This new technology offers an opportunity to protect the multi-billion dollar scotch whiskey in Scotland, where all scotch whiskies are produced.

Read full story: Half of Scotch Whiskies are Frauds, say Glasgow Scientists - Published Jan 28, 2020 on Vancouver Sun

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