Dasha Careers

Renowned Executive Chef Hans Vogels collaborates with Honeycomb Hospitality to introduce his latest culinary venture – DASHA. At the zenith of his craft, Chef Vogels has chosen DASHA to showcase his exceptional talents and innovations in the culinary world. From the meticulously designed interiors to the exquisitely curated menu, DASHA promises to be a revelation in dining experiences.

It's this very commitment to excellence that steers our vision at Dasha. We remain unwavering in our dedication to ensuring our guests receive nothing short of extraordinary. This commitment extends to our team, where we prioritize coaching, mentoring, and training, inspiring our members to excel in the world of hospitality.

For those in the hospitality field with a passion for creating remarkable experiences, we are eager to connect. If you're driven by excellence and dedication, we invite you to join us.