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Breathable booze will go straight to your head (but not your hips!)

As reported by IFLS in this article, a bar in London has recently opened that features a room that allows patrons to get drunk. “Duh! That’s called a bar, you idiot,” you may be thinking. But, patrons at this bar become intoxicated simply by breathing.

Alcoholic Architecture in London’s Borough Market features a room that allows customers to inhale spirits and mixers through their lungs as well as well as absorb the alcohol through their eyes and skin. The bar employs advanced humidifiers to saturate the air with, say, gin and tonic, and customers don protective ponchos to keep them from overdosing in their allotted maximum 50 minutes in the room.

Why is breathable booze neat? Well, besides the novelty of getting air drunk, ingesting alcohol in this fashion allows one to avoid the calories of drinking spirits and mixers because the alcohol bypasses the liver and goes directly to the bloodstream, which also increases the speed of intoxication. What’s more, the amount of alcohol actually ingested in 50 minutes in the room is roughly only the equivalent of “a large gin and tonic.” The cons? You’ll prolly wreak of booze until your next shower.

Here’s to hoping one of these breathable booze concepts opens up in Canada!

Check out the original IFLS article for more details.


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