With Summer just around the corner, 86network.com got some work done


If you have been part of the EightSix community for a while now, you may have noticed that we’re sporting a new, updated look. When we launched our new platform in May 2015, we were so inundated with making sure that things actually worked that our aesthetic took a backseat. Now, having the time to focus on more than just the basics, we are able to improve the look and overall user experience of 86network.com.

Our recent improvements include a redesigning of the homepage and employers page, along with a reorganization of the site’s navigation. We focussed on getting the most pertinent information to you when you need it on desktop and mobile, along with reducing the amount of text and adding more visuals. Overall, we hope that you find the new design more intuitive and easier to use on any device, whether you are applying to jobs as a job seeker or recruiting as an employer.

Hope you like it! More improvements to come…

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