Why Working in a Kitchen Rocks Part2

In Part 2 of Why Working in a Kitchen Rocks (read Part 1), we highlight more benefits to pursuing a culinary career.


It is often said that going through a difficult situation can bring people closer. Working in close quarters in a hot, high-stress kitchen requires you to depend on those around you. Surviving a Friday night white-out after two cooks have called in sick, you have a trainee on dish, a line up out the door, and a less than competent host can be very challenging. Getting through these tough nights without going down in flames, literally, has a tendency to bring everyone on the team closer because you develop a trust that each person will do their part. These experiences can form strong friendships amongst kitchen crew that can last a lifetime. Oh yeah, and the team beer after work doesn’t hurt either.

Respect for your Fellow Industry Staff

People make mistakes in every job but in the hospitality industry – and in the kitchen especially – more often than not your errors can’t be covered up (“We’re serving steak, Johnny, not beef jerky – fire up another one!”). So, the next time your dinner out doesn’t go exactly according to plan, instead of losing your mind on the service staff, practice a little patience and have another sip of wine.

*Interview Tip*: Regardless of what career path you choose, many job interviews are conducted at coffee shops or restaurants. These places are often chosen on purpose to see how you interact with service staff as it is a good indicator of how you will behave in the workplace when your guard is down. So remember, respect.

Discipline & Attention to Detail

Working as a cook requires following recipes and procedures to spec, cleaning your station the right way, and, in general, not cutting corners or taking the easy way out. If you’re not cooking, you’re cleaning. If you have finished cleaning, you help someone out or start prepping for the next shift – there is always something productive to do. These lessons reinforce the value of hard work and discipline, which can lead to big payoffs down the road.

Amazing Career Opportunities

There has never been a better time to pursue a culinary career. Experienced cooks are becoming increasingly hard to find across many Canadian cities. A go2HR study found that in BC alone, by 2020 there will be 11,103 new job openings for Chefs and Cooks, with shortages across every region (see Regional Labour Market Studies). This, of course, doesn’t include the many incredible international opportunities that can take you around the globe to discover new cuisines and cultures, all the while earning a great living. Plus, thanks to the rise of the Food Network, there is always a chance you will become a Celebrity Chef!

These are just a few of the many benefits of working in a kitchen. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section.

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