Stylish & Comfortable: What Shoes to Buy for Working on your Feet

Us ladies know far too well that we go through a lot when it comes to our feet. Fashion is not particularly that favourable to comfort, and we usually give in. Six inch stilettos with blisters on the side? GIVE IT TO ME! Patent leather peep toe booties you’ll never wear again? LOVE IT! But… Read more »

Anthony Bourdain features out of this world Kramer Knives *drool*

Kramer Knives on Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain, Episode 4 Regardless whether you are a cook or chef whose knife is his/her most important tool, if you appreciate quality craftsmanship, creativity, and just really cool stuff, you should take a few minutes out of your day to watch Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer work his magic… Read more »

Breathable Booze Bar now a reality in London

photo credit: IFLS Breathable booze will go straight to your head (but not your hips!) As reported by IFLS in this article, a bar in London has recently opened that features a room that allows patrons to get drunk. “Duh! That’s called a bar, you idiot,” you may be thinking. But, patrons at this bar… Read more »

The Real Game of Thrones *Spoiler Alert*

Game of Thrones is actually inspired by real history Tens of millions of us tune in to HBO every week to watch kings, queens, knights, dwarves, and dragons battle and backstab each other for the reigns of power in a mystical Medieval Europe. But, did you know that George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones is largely… Read more »

This ain’t your everyday waterslide

Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? Well, this epic waterslide in the Lone Star State might not be bigger than others, but it’s certainly better than most. Check out that launch! Grab your bikinis, shorts, and towels. Who’s in?

Camping Gear “Must-Haves” for Summer

Impress your friends this summer with camping gear that will turn any ordinary trip into the ultimate outdoor adventure – check out our must-haves list. Camping season is finally here and, while you can certainly go the “minimalist” route and do it with a sleeping bag, a case of beer, and a few hotdogs, there are a… Read more »